December 2004

Greetings from INTEGRA!  Finally we’re getting this newsletter on the website!!

With this edition we are launching a new look – even a new format - one more compatible with our website, and hopefully, with our mission.  And, our newsletters are to become an e-zine or electronic newsletter that we will send directly to your mailbox if you wish.  Simply send us your

e-mail address on a message with the subject line stating “Subscribe e-zine”.  No need to add anything more.  We are transitioning from hard copy newsletters to this e-zine format and would love to keep you informed. 


INTEGRA is a charitable non-profit working in the area of grief and loss with special emphasis on providing resources to caregivers.  We are a community of people dedicated to sharing the vision and value of grief’s transformative potential. 

Most people tend to think of grief and loss as attached only to the death of a loved one, however loss is really a daily occurrence.  In fact, small losses or events are often not recognized for their resultant grief-causing potential.  You will find this newsletter filled with stories about a great diversity of losses.  Once we open our eyes to this wider understanding of loss, we can see that loss is all around us – that it has many faces.  We challenge you, as you read through the stories here to consider what losses are represented in these articles.  And, although their stories may not be the same as yours, hopefully you can find nourishment for your own experience by  being allowed into their lives.  We thank each of these writers for so openly and generously sharing with us. 

We understand, through John Schneider’s clear description of the grief process as a discovery process, that we move through it by asking ourselves these three questions:

1)  What is lost?  2)  What is left?  And, 3) What is possible?  As you read each of these stories here, consider which of these questions the writer is “wrestling” with at the time s/he  wrote their article.   INTEGRA’s purpose is to share that grief has the potential of being  positively transforming.  And, thus, we know that each writer here is offering a piece of their process that can move towards transformation.

Contained in this electronic newsletter is the full length of articles which were sent through our hard copy mailing and our e-zine in a condensed form.  If you received one of these which was sent to you, you will find the full extent of the article contained here.  We also would like to encourage you to share your stories with us.  Just send them to us at any of  the addresses shown at the bottom of this page.     

In addition to this newsletter, INTEGRA is:

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